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[This post means that my queue’s empty, and that I’m on a semi-hiatus from Tumblr due to my need to actually concentrate on schoolwork. I’ll be coming onto Tumblr ever so often, but I won’t be able to reply to things instantly like I used to, and I won’t be blogging DMMd-related photos all that much anymore. (Not to mention, I’ll probably be a lot behind on the anime, no thanks to school…)

[I’ll be on Skype more regularly than Tumblr, basically, and will be able to RP there if you’d like! I’m really sorry about this, but you know how it goes… the final year of high school/secondary school… Not to mention I finally got Fire Emblem: Awakening, and I’m completely absorbed into that…]

[Reblogging just to remind people!]

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Azrael: i am not a neanderthal
konoha: you certainly are acting like one
Azrael: I didn’t hit you over the head with a club first.
Azrael: Not to mention, not dragging you by the hair.
Azrael: I’d say I’ve upgraded to early homo sapiens.

konoha: definitely a homo
konoha: not sure about the sapiens
Azrael: You’re one to talk.
konoha: shhhhh


      Mink had expected the protesting, and the wriggling, and the thrashing. Of course, he’d braced himself accordingly, shifting the smaller man’s writhing form across his back and shoulders with every dip and sway of Aoba’s movements. What he hadn’t braced for was the wayward knee planting itself just beneath his ribcage, causing him to sputter and stagger a few paces. Aoba teetered dangerously, however, Mink managed to retain his grip, and keep them both from topping down the remainder of the hill, and possibly off a ravine if they got enough momentum going.


      “Stop being a baby…” he grumbled, once he’d managed to right himself, and settle his fussy boyfriend into a slightly more comfortable position. “Are you gaining weight…? I think you’ve gained weight.”

      The pink rays of the day’s last lingering sunlight still clung to the sparse clouds hanging in the sky. It barely managed to illuminate their descent into the woods. By the time the cleared the tree cover, the sun had fully sunk below the horizon, leaving the moon to guide their way with its stolen light.

      Still, he carried Aoba, even when his path veered from their usual descent to town in the valley below, in favor of another upward climb.

When Mink staggered, Aoba froze instinctively, terrified that Mink was actually going to fall. The ground was a long way away from him while he was slung over Mink’s shoulder like a sack of potatoes, and Aoba wasn’t exactly relishing his reunion with solid, flat ground in this particular fashion.

"M-Mink! You need to watch out! If you drop me, I’m not going to be happy at all.” Aoba scolded rather shakily, apparently oblivious to both the danger and the fact that he’d caused Mink to falter in the first place. He let himself be adjusted by Mink, staying rather pliant under his guidance… until Mink spoke. And he realised that he was still going to have Mink’s shoulder still bumping into his stomach—which was definitely going to bruise, thanks to his Neanderthal of a lover.

"I haven’t gained weight at all!" Aoba denied, viciously tugging at one of his locks. It wasn’t enough to actually hurt, but it was a warning all the same. “If anything, you’re the one who has! Besides, if I’m so heavy, you could just… you know, put me down.

However, Mink didn’t heed him. Grumbling as Mink continued to carry him, Aoba noticed that they were heading towards an unknown direction—and he was more than aware of how late it was becoming. By now, he was used to the humiliation and pain of being carried over Mink’s shoulder (well, mostly used to), but the worry that was now accompanying it made him too antsy.

"H-hey, Mink…? Where’re you taking us?" He called out worriedly.

[Ironic comments are the fucking best. I literally just died when I saw the URLs belonging to the comments.]

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      “You’re coming with me.” The statement was the only warning Mink offered, and it came mere seconds before he stooped to grapple his blue haired lover’s legs, to toss the kid over his shoulder, not unlike a sack of potatoes. And thus, this was how he toted Aoba out of the house and into the cool, crisp air of late evening.

Aoba barely had enough time to register what Mink said when the wind was knocked out of him by Mink’s shoulder, which had instantly dug into his solar plexus. It made him choke momentarily, too stunned to do anything but lie limply in his grip. However, he soon regained his breath, and he began to squirm against his hold.

"H-hey! Mink! Let go of me, dammit! I can walk!" He protested, his words slightly strained as Mink began to walk. Each step was another jolt of breathlessness as Mink’s increasingly sharp shoulder was thrusted into his stomach, and this was not comfortable at all.

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—{☍}— "Still want to get MacDonalds Aoba-san~"

"I don’t want your commoner food."

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Can u fuckin chill


[It’s 3am, school starts again on Tuesday, and I’m still not done with my essay, or my lesson plans, or my french homework, or my bio revision. And I’m on tumblr.]

[You can tell that my final year in high school’s off to a good start. I’m going to bug some people into replying to me.]


I have a sudden problem, and it’s dramatically turning dramatical gays into dramatical lesbians.

One of these days I’m going to ink and color it. But today is not that day.

[are those cosplay reaction gifs that I see]

[can i be that one guy on the side he doesnt even do anything just sits there and watches drama go down (jk tho)]

[pffts— you can totally be that one observer that Aoba doesn’t even know.]

[I’m making a relationships page before I leave to finish my essay. Anyone in?]

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I’ve discovered the place where the legendary NoiAo re:connect scene took place.