» Let’s talk about ‘take your time’


When I say ‘take your time’, what I mean is:

  • Take.  Your.  Time.
  • If you have muse for another thread? You can reply to that
  • If you have muse for another character?  Guess what; you can reply to that too.
  • If you’re getting feels for another ship? No, seriously.  You can reply.
  • If you’re overwhelmed with other threads?  It’s okay; seriously.  I don’t hate you, I don’t think any less of you.  You get to ours when you can.
  • If you want to drop a thread because you’ve lost inspiration with it; same as above.  I don’t hate you.  I’d rather you told me than fretted and thought omfg she’s gonna hate me when actually, the opposite is true

Muses can be fickle, fickle things and I shouldn’t have to say this but when dipshits come out with stuff like ‘take your time doesn’t mean you can reply to something else’ — actually, it does with me.

Anybody who plots with me, RPs with me, even talks to me; I love.  Dearly.  And when they reply I squeal like a mad thing because omg the flawless (seriously).

RPing is meant to be fun, lovelies.  Don’t suck the fun out of it by being passive aggressive and a bit of a twat by saying shit things like that.

Take your time means take your time - It’s YOUR character, your blog.  You reply to who you want, okay?  <3

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  1. First crossplay test. I was so proud. That was back in 2013, I think, during the summer… maybe around June-ish?
  2. This one is my Sly costest from last month.
  3. This one is my recapAU costest, also last month. This was before I got the modeling wax, so the neck looks weird.
  4. With my first ever wig, back in 2012? Or was it 2013? I can’t really remember. But that was me, experimenting with Haku’s makeup.
  5. This one was from my series of snapchat derps. I still keep most of them in my computer…
  6. Back in winter of 2012. I look so old //sobs

I don’t even know who to tag. Uh……….

that-masculine-devil (happy birthday, you butthead! ouo), dryjuiceofficial, noizschwanz, and anyone else?????? I don’t even know???????


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ok because of tumblr i literally thought dmmd was a fucking gay dating sim

fuck this website

this is the funniest post i’ve seen tonight

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Send in ♔ for my muse’s reaction to yours pushing mine up against the wall

      Now, to be fair, Aoba was a fairly average sized man. It’s not that he was small, really. It was just that Mink was a bit larger than average in quite a few ways. He was taller, broader, and heavier. Aoba was a good several inches shorter, and his frame lithe. Not that it was a bad thing, but it did serve as a surprise that the kid managed to move him quite as far as he did. Then again, perhaps Mink allowed it a bit.

      It happened almost as he’d walked in the door. He was at least granted the ability to cross the threshold, and press forward a few paces into the living room before he was accosted. His blue-haired lover practically stormed down the hall toward him with all the force of that implied, figurative wind. His paler hand was pressed palm flat against the spanse of Mink’s chest. The action made Mink reach to seize the younger man’s wrist with a speed that made the move nigh instinctual. But he didn’t pull it away. Instead, he let Aoba’s hand stay there, and allowed the force behind it to push him back a few steps, and then a few steps more, until he felt his back go flush against the cabin’s wall.

     There was a certain intensity in Aoba’s hazel gaze that warranted a loft of a dark brow. Mink pursed his lips to hide a smirk. That stare, coupled with the way Aoba’s own mouth was scrunched in an expression he couldn’t decide was sour or determined, could only go one of two ways. He was in trouble. Or he was in trouble. And a cheeky grin would only dig his hole deeper, and it was better to find out just exactly what type of hole he was in before deciding to press on.

      “What did I do, this time?”

When Aoba had heard the door click, he’d immediately rushed out to greet Mink, unable to hold back his desire to greet Mink in an unusual way—namely, pinning him against the wall despite the sheer difference in their sizes, and Mink’s greater strength. Now, Aoba wasn’t angry at his lover, per se, nor did he have any other reason to be so aggressive… but it was always good to keep Mink on his toes.

It wouldn’t do for him to think Aoba was predictable after all.

Aoba clenched his fist around the fabric beneath his hand, bunching up Mink’s shirt as he narrowed his eyes on Mink. The grip on his wrist didn’t deter him as he kept his grip on Mink tight and secure—though he knew Mink could break free the moment he wanted to. He stayed silent for a few moments, keeping his face carefully blanket as he watched him. His eyes finally slid from Mink’s amused eyes down to his lips, which were barely hiding the smirk that was trying to escape.

"Oh, you didn’t do anything,” he murmured lightly, using his grip on Mink’s shirt to pull him down to his level. They were close enough that their noses were nearly touching, but Aoba wasn’t too concentrated on that. He just wanted to wipe that smug grin from Mink’s face for once. (Though really, it wasn’t a grin per se, but it was close enough to one.) ”Why would you have ever done anything to warrant this?”

Leaning in, he pressed a soft kiss on his lips. He then pulled his lips away momentarily, tilting his head to the side before kissing him again—only this time, using his tongue to trace a coy trail along Mink’s lower lip. Finally letting mischief appear on his face, Aoba let go of his shirt and allowed him straighten back him.

"Can’t I greet my lover home like this?" He asked, grinning up at Mink.

Oh no he’s hotter. Now just some cum and then bam. //shot-drags Virus muse away-

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"Apparently perverts wrinkle more than normal people."




      “Mm. Explains why you’re aging so quickly.”


"It’s because I don’t need to insult you. You do it all by yourself."

      He gives a bit of a snort, and a half smile punctuated with a shrug. “Fair enough.”

Aoba nudged him lightly with a shoulder. “You need to step your game up,” he teased.

to gay to function

[Prince of Gheys.]

"Apparently perverts wrinkle more than normal people."




      “Mm. Explains why you’re aging so quickly.”


"It must be because I’m surrounded by old man vibes."


      “You’re really terrible at this whole retort thing, you know that?”

"It’s because I don’t need to insult you. You do it all by yourself."



Aoba is still hella gay when in a het ship. FuCK.

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Max Factory’s Aoba Seragaki 1/7 Scale Figure rerelease now available for preorder!

"Apparently perverts wrinkle more than normal people."


      “Mm. Explains why you’re aging so quickly.”

"It must be because I’m surrounded by old man vibes."

All I want are a Noiz and a Mink and a Clear and a Ren and a Haga-san and an Akushima that I can label as my booty call(s).